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Sri Lanka Postal code. Zip code.

Postal codes or Zip codes are provided to help the postal workers to do their delivery quick and accurate to the correct person in that address. Sri Lanka postal service was well developed by the then British rulers and their system is still working fine. When you are sending any postal mail or parcels through your foreign post office to here, don't forget to write the receivers correct area postal code in the address.

This will make that post to reach its destination easily and quickly in a timely manner. Also keep it as a practice to write your postal code along with your address in it's from sector, this practice will help you to get your mails without any delay. There are many places with similar names but their zip code will make them as the true destination.

Take note that many people are confused with their post-office code and the telephone area code. Many of them had used to write their area telephone code as the postal-code in when sending postal documents.

Have a look at these places names which look very similar to each other but their postal codes are far different.
Siyambalawewa 32048.
Siyambalewa 50184.

Take note that many people use area postal codes or zip codes in short like this, Colombo 6, or 06 although the official one is 00600.

If you are a Sri Lankan and don't know the postal code of your area, then go to your area post office and get the postal code from the staff.

Post code for Greater-Colombo.
Colombo 01 = 00100 Fort

02 = 00200 Slave Island
03 = 00300 Kollupitiya
04 = 00400 Bambalapitiya
05 = 00500 Havelock Town including Kirilapone
06 = 00600 Wellawatte including Pamankada
07 = 00700 Cinnamon Gardens
08 = 00800 Borella
09 = 00900 Dematagoda
10 = 01000 Maradana including Panchikawatte and Maligawatte
11 = 01100 Pettah
12 = 01200 Hultsdorf (Courts)
13 = 01300 Kotahena including Kochikade and Bloemendhal
14 = 01400 Grandpass
15 = 01500 Mutwal including Modera, Mattakkuliya and Madampitiya


A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.