Sri Lanka Data Plan.

Sri Lanka data plan is available to the users' mobile SIM card and to wireless Wi-Fi router. When you start to work with the SIM card in your phone, the carrier will ask you to start the mobile data plan. As Sri Lanka Smartphone uses Android OS, the carrier will ask you to create an account with the users' Gmail account. Once it is activated the carrier will cut Rs 10 as service charge.

Data Plan, Router.

In Sri Lanka Data Plan is available as Pre-paid or Post Paid for the Smartphone account holders.
The wireless Router too can go to the carrier office and can purchase the router and create an account with a monthly post plan or with pre paid account.

With Pre-paid account, once the paid amount is used for the bandwidth, then you have to reload it with some Rupees by purchasing a scratch-able card or by reloading it.

Data Plan, Smartphone.

Visit to the nearest carrier office of the SIM card providing company and make a contract to get data Plan as Post Paid one on monthly payment basis.

Pre-Paid data plan is no need any contract as it will be automatically included in to your SIM Card account. Whenever you are run out of Data simply buy a data card and follow the instruction on the card to get data package.

Go to the nearby communication centre or to a shop which sells mobile phone top up card or provide top up service.
You can purchase desirable amount data reload card or use the machine to top up the mobile account.
On the Pre-Paid plan always reload Rupees packages ending with 9. For example Rs 49/-. Rs 99/- and so.

Advice on Sri Lanka Data Usage.

Using your call money account for Data Plan is expensive.
So always top up money for calling plan and Data separately.
If you are run out of Data, immediately reload the account for Data account ending with Rs 9.
Otherwise the Smartphone will start to use the calling account money for the Data service.
If you top-up with Rs ending with 0, for example, Rs 100 reload will directly go to the calling account balance.
3G Data is cheaper than the 4G and 4G LTE.
3G SIM Card supporting Smartphones can't connect to the 4G Data Service.
4G Enabled phones with 4G SIM card can connect to the 4G Network.
4G Smartphones will connect to 3G Network, when there are no 4 G signals.

Apples' iPhone and their other devices can function in Sri Lanka flawlessly. Sri Lanka carriers lack for the support of iPhone's voice assistant Siri.

SLT 4G/LTE Broadband SLT Help Desk Phone Number 12222
Dialog 4G
Mobitel 4G

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.