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Cheap Priced Mobile Phones.


Cheap priced mobile phones are mostly used by the Sri Lanka people as the expensive Smartphone usage is very low here. The main reason is the fund that is available for the purchase of the device and the knowledge to operate a Smartphone had turned people in search of low priced hand sets.

These kinds of phones are marketed in Sri Lanka by the international handset makers from Finland, S. Korea, China and India through their dealers.

Here most of the people don't know what kinds of functions and facilities are available in their mobile phones to get the maximum benefit from the device. Some people want just to receive incoming calls and to dial desired contact numbers. Nothing else they want to do with their handset. These kinds of people don't know what means 2G, 3G or 4G LTE service.

They want their cellular sets to have louder sound and bigger screen for to display the incoming and out going numbers. Ask any of your friends, what kinds of features he is using from his mobile phone, most of them will say, that they are using it to dial and receive calls and used to read SMS notices from their carrier. There are facilities for mobile phone banking and to send and receive money through mobile phone carriers.
You can find hand phones under the price of LKR 5,000/- all over the island.

They have plenty of functions to perform even at this cheap price. They allows you to send and receive SMS, radio to listen through headset or in the speaker mode, flash light that can help you in the dark, calculator, caller ID, phone book, speed dial and many other features.

People can buy cheaper models to save money on their phone purchasing, save time from frequent charging and need not to worry about the phone bill, if they are having the pre-paid customer plan. Take note some devices may produce high level of heat from the device when you happened to attend long conversations.

Looking for a low price mobile phone in Srilanka?
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Nokia 1280
Nokia 1280
LKR 2,800/-
Nokia - 100
Nokia 100
LKR 3,750/-
Nokia - 101
Nokia 101
LKR 2,900/-
LKR 4,400/-
  Nokia - 130
Nokia 130
LKR 4,000/-
Nokia - 220
Nokia 220
LKR 6,000/-

Samsung 1205
LKR 3,600/-
Samsung Guru E1085
Samsung Guru E1085
LKR 2,990/-
Sony Ericsson W100
LKR 8,250/-

Motorola WX 181
LKR 2,890/-
Huawei 3620
Huawei 3620
LKR 3,799/-
Vodafone 252
Vodafone 252
LKR 2,490/-
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Bird K102
Bird K102
LKR 2,990/-
OT - 208

Alcatel OT - 208
LKR 3,490/-
OT - 108

Alcatel OT 108
LKR 2,990/-
OT - 217D

Alcatel OT - 217D
LKR 2,290/-
GreenTel GT300
GreenTel - GT 300
LKR 4,990/-

GreenTel - GT 100
LKR 2,990/-
Easy Phone

Mobitel Easy Phone
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Note: that these prices may change with out notice according to the distributor.

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.