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Google Drive Free Storage.

Now most of the Smartphone and Tablet making companies used to offer free space for your files to be stored as Cloud storage. These cloud storage facilities will help you to keep your files like documents, pictures, notes, and even your music. This will allow you to access your file from anywhere any time you like even while you are on the move. (File accessing while you are on the move is provided better through 4G LTE networks)

For example the Windows phones offer 30 GB of cloud storage through their OneDrive.

If you buy Samsung Z1 you will get 50 GB cloud storage through Dropbox.

For iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices there is iCloud for your storage facility.

So what is cloud storage?
These are online computer networks that are housed inside warehouses around the world.

Are they safe to store my files?
Cloud storage providers used to say it is safe to use their service. Only the computer experts on the other side have the true answer.
Dropbox cloud storage facility too allows anyone have 2GB of storage facility.

Available: 15 GB
Increase More 2 GB (On the "Safer Internet Day" completing your security settings)
100 GB $1.99/month

If you do the above things you will not get the 2 GB storage in the Drive immedietly, but you will geet it later.

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Cloud Storage 

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