Immigrate to U.S.A through Computer Draw.

Immigrate to the U.S.A through the official computer draw. Last year's program is FY2019. Now its selection results are available through the results checking website. Around 700 Sri Lankan’s used to have the opportunity to immigrate to the USA under this program. If you had been banned from entering in to the USA for immigration violation, then don't participate in this program. Strict back round check will be placed for the selected people when they start their online visa processing under this program, if they are selected as under the program.


It was first opened from 3rd October 2017 and was closed on 10th October due to some technical problems.
(No results will be available for those participants who had submitted their online application forms in these days.)

Official website was opened on 18th October 2017.
Website was closed on 22nd November 2017.
After this date Application Forms will not be provided to the participants or will not be accepted.

Selection Results are now available. All participates can check their selection results till September 2019.

There are 50,000 immigrant visas available under this selection program where hundreds of applicants from Srilanka, Nepal, Iran and Maldives used to benefit from this program every year. This is one of the best program for those Students who want to go for Higher Studies in the American universities. The LPR status will allow them to stay and work in the USA after obtaining their degrees from the American Universities. Or they can proceed with their Masters Degree without any visa problem to continue with their Post Graduate studies in the USA.

Results are now available for those participants who had submitted their entries in the year 2016 under the fiscal year 2018 Computer Random Name Selection program. No fees will be charged from the participants to submit their entries during the application submission period.

People who were born in Sri Lanka and Maldives are eligible along with many other countries to participate in this computer random name selection draw.

Email, postal mail or fax will not be used by the American Government to announce the selected participants as winners. So don't make any calls to the Embassy regarding the winners; names. Feed your confirmation number and personal details and view your selection results in the official American Government website.

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