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Alcatel Mobile Phone.

Alcatel Mobile Phones are selling all over Sri Lanka. These phones are with sleek body and elegantly built. It is very simple to make calls and receive calls. Also sending and receiving SMS text messages and MMS are too easy. Most of the models come with TFT color screens, Cameras, Radio and extendable memory through micro SD cards. Recently added Alcatel mobile phones do have Dual SIM St/by facility to keep two mobile phone numbers to be active to receive calls and SMS text messages with out any fuss. Only one SIM will be available to make calls from these kinds of mobile phones.

Alcatel Phone Prices In Sri Lanka.
OT 108
Alcatel OT 108
LKR 2,990/-
OT 208
Alcatel OT 208
LKR 3,490/-
OT 230 D
Alcatel OT 230D
LKR 3,250/-
OT 305
Alcatel OT 305
LKR 4,990/-
OT 316 D
Alcatel OT 316D
LKR 2,990/-
OT 355 D
Alcatel OT 355D
LKR 4,990/-
OT 505
Alcatel OT 505
LKR 5,950/-
OT 506 D
Alcatel OT 506D
LKR 5,250/-
OT605 D
Alcatel OT 605D
LKR 5,990/-
OT 708
Alcatel OT 708
LKR 13,990/-
OT 710 D
Alcatel OT 710D
LKR 9,990/-
OT 800
Alcatel OT 800
LKR 14,990/-
OT 806 D
Alcatel OT 806D
LKR 12,990/-
OT 808
Alcatel OT 808D
LKR 19,990/-
OT 880
Alcatel OT 880
LKR 19,990/-
OT 980
Alcatel OT 980
LKR 27,990/-
OT 985 N
Alcatel OT 985N
LKR 21,990/-
OT 995
Alcatel OT 995
LKR 45,990/-
OT 2005 D
Alcatel OT 2005D
LKR 6,990/-
OT 4005 D
Alcatel OT 4005D
LKR 11,990/-
OT 4030 D
Alcatel OT 4030D
LKR 16,990/-
OT 5020 D
Alcatel OT 5020D
LKR 18,990/-
OT 5035 D
Alcatel OT 5035D
LKR 26,990/-
OT 6033 X
Alcatel OT 6033X
LKR 55,000/-
OT 8000 D
Alcatel OT 8000D
LKR 32,990/-

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.