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America Immigration via Computer Draw.

6:51 AM 06/21/2017

America Immigration via the computer draw is possible this year too as the FY2019 is going to take place in this year 2017 too.

Normally this entry permit given by draw used to take in the later part of the year. There are 50,000 immigrant visas available under this selection program where nearly 700 - 800 applicants from Sri lasnka used to benefit from this program every year. This is the best program for those Students who want to Study in the American universities, without any difficulties.

Results are now available for those participants who had submitted their entries in the year 2016 for the fiscal year 2018 Computer Random Name Selection program. If you had been selected in this draw, you must follow the instructions shown in the computer screen. Immigrating to America is possible through this special computer random name selection program which is administrated by the American Government and it is provided every year to eligible people coming from eligible countries. Successful winners with the required eligibility will be allowed to live and work over there legally. Also they can continue with their higher education in the American Universities and can work there after completion of their higher education.

People who were born in Sri Lanka and Maldives are eligible along with many other countries to participate in this computer random name selection draw which used to be held annually to issue 50,000 immigrant entry permits. During the entry submission period, applicants who are not married and staying as single from these countries can download the online application form from the official website and can fill and submit it along with their digital photo file online and can get the submission confirmation number.

Likewise those married people must include their spouse and unmarried eligible children who are under the age of 21 in the Application form. Once the entry is successfully accepted then you will be shown with your unique confirmation number. This confirmation number will work as password to check your online selection results.

Email, postal mail or fax will not be used by the American Government to announce the selected participants as winners. So don't make any calls to the Embassy regarding the winners; names. Feed your confirmation number and personal details and view your selection results in the official American Government website.

People born in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria are listed in the ineligible country list along with some other countries. So these people are not allowed to participate in this draw.

The next program will be held in the year 2017 under the FY2019 program.

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