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Phones and Gadgets prices during the Holiday season.

11:33 AM 11/27/2017

Sri Lanka young people are tech savy ones and they used to follow the US media to find out which are the latest inventions, products and gadgets that can help with their daily tasks. Also during the festival seasons the prices of gadgets used to be sold at bargain prices.

Here are some of the popular products price in Sri Lanka that are available during the Tamil Sinhala New year. The prices may vary between dealers. But there won't be much difference in greater amount when comparing these prices. Before you purchase the product ask the seller about the warranty period, who will handle those repairs in the products and what if there are new operating system updates as these are main things that can affect any of the Sri Lanka buyers.

  • iPhone 7 Plus - Rs. 148,990
  • IPhone X 256GB - Rs. 249,999
  • IPhone X 64GB - Rs. 215,599
  • iPhone 8 64GB - Rs. 136,990
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB - Rs. 157,990
  • iPhone 8 256GB - Rs. 167,990
  • iPhone 7 - Rs. 137,990
  • iPhone 7 Red 128GB - Rs. 137,990
  • Xbox One S 500GB Console - Rs. 53,990
  • Sony PlayStation 4 1 TB Slim Console - Rs. 58,500
  • Sony PS4 Slim 500GB - Rs. 64,990
  • Nintendo Switch Console - Rs. 79,990
  • Xbox One S 1TB Console - Rs. 64,990
  • PS4 Slim 1TB - Gold Edition - Rs. 72,500
  • Sony PlayStation 4 PRO 1 TB Console - Rs. 76,990
  • Sony PlayStation 4 500 GB Console - Rs. 54,500

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